Founded in 1987, Tyler Gonzalez Architects has been shaping the architectural landscape of Pasadena and its surrounding neighborhoods for over 30 years. Rob Tyler AIA graduated from USC Architecture and quickly grew a sizeable company in a matter of years. Javier Gonzalez AIA joined shortly after; together they have created hundreds of memorable projects. The firm provides clients with a personable and customized approach to design, spanning from simple and sophisticated remodels to complex and thought-provoking mixed-use developments.

Prior to joining, Jon Kelly AIA LEED AP was an Associate at Robert A.M. Stern Architects in New York. His initial position as the firm’s Senior Design Architect transformed in 2018 when he was invited to join the Partnership. After Javier’s departure to start his own brand of design in San Pedro, CA, the firm changed names to Tyler+Kelly Architecture.

Tyler+Kelly Architecture has built its practice on a commitment to thoroughly understanding the unique functional and design requirements of the client, enabling them to to produce elegant, comfortable, and cost-effective design solutions. To learn more, please email